One Time Settlement Plan (OTS), is announced by the Uttar Pradesh energy minister for Power Consumers On Nov 8


The plan will be carried out by the UP Power Corporation Ltd (UPPCL) over the course of 54 days, in three phases, from November 8 to December 31. The program will be implemented in three phases: first on November 8–December 1, second on December 1–December 15, and third and final on December 16–December 31.


“One Time Settlement Scheme” (OTS) in Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation (UPPCL), The establishment of a one-time settlement program (OTS)—nearly an annual feature—by Energy Minister AK Sharma on Saturday allows power consumers in Uttar Pradesh to pay up their arrears without having to pay the interest surcharge on the principal amount.


In the press conference , the minister announced, “Under the scheme, surcharge up to 100% will be waived off on payment of power dues by domestic, agricultural, commercial, industrial, and private institutions on paying the principal amount at one go or in installments.”


According to the OTS, in the first and second phases of the program, customers up to a 1 kilowatt load will not be charged a premium; in the third phase, the surcharge will be waived by 80%. In a similar vein, customers who want to pay their bills in twelve equal installments will qualify for surcharge waivers of 90% in the first and second phases and 70% in the third.

Customers with connection loads more than one kilowatt-hour will be qualified for a 90% surcharge waiver in the first phase, 80% in the second, and 90% in the third, provided they pay their bills all at once.

“For agricultural consumers (private tubewells), the surcharge waiver will be valid on all dues through March 31, 2023, while the same will be available for all other customers on any outstanding debts through October 31, 2023, according to Sharma.


Customers may take advantage of this plan by paying in cash at any department cash register or online at By going to the company’s website, customers can obtain online information regarding the payment amount following a rebate. All of the information, including the amount payable, principal amount, surcharge exemption, and amount to be paid, will be displayed as soon as the account number listed on the bill is fed.
Instances of electricity theft, anomalies, and other court-pending concerns are also eligible for benefits.
“In order to receive benefits from the scheme in the event of electricity theft, consumers will need to deposit 10% of the assessment amount as a registration fee.”

The state government will implement (OTS) from November 8 to December 31 in order to make it easier for power customers in the state to pay their bills. The dates of the three phases are December 1–15, December 16–31, and November 8–30. Special benefits are provided by the program to farmers and domestic customers. All electricity consumers, including LMV-1 (home), LMV-2 (commercial), LMV-4B (private institutions), LMV-5 (private tubewell), and LMV-6 (industrial), are exempt from 100% surcharges. Installment payment plans are another choice available to customers. In cases of electricity theft would also have the option to pay a fine in installments, according to Energy Minister Sharma.



The minister claimed to have given the go-ahead for officials to spread the plan more widely. He continued, “I also urge customers to take advantage of the program and pay their bills.”

Every year, the UPPCL brings the OTS in an effort to make as much of a recovery as feasible. It is estimated that the company owes consumers in the state more than ₹30K crore.

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